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Sexpal Adult Dating - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the SexPal website?
SexPal is a fun adult dating website. Some of our members are looking for love. Others are looking for good sex. And some are looking for both! Whether you're looking for flirts, swingers, dating adults, one night stands, an affair, or something else - it's all inside SexPal.
  • I have a question that's not answered here. What should I do?
Please use the Contact Us form.
  • How can I update my profile?
It's easy. To update your profile, simply log in with your username and password. Click on the 'Profile Update' button and you will be directed to the update page. On this page you can update all of your details. Click on the 'Save' button to keep your changes.
  • How can I remove my profile from the website?
Your profile can be removed from SexPal using the link 'Remove my profile' in the bottom of every page. But be sure that's what you want to do because once you remove your profile, it is completely deleted from the system as well as all related account information, your messages, images, etc.

You cannot restore a removed profile. If you would like to freeze the profile or your subscription, please send a request to our support team using the same email you registered with on your profile. We'll put your subscription on hold until you are ready to re-enter the dating adult world.
  • How can I find interesting partners on SexPal?
Just join now for free and log in. Then use the Search menu to find dating adults using various criteria such as gender, age, users with a picture only, connection type (fun dating, partners, flirt, one night stands, swingers) and more.

Clicking on the 'Search' link returns all potential partners meeting your pre-selected criteria. To move forward with the results, click on the 'next' button at the bottom of the page.
  • How can I add or update pictures?
To add pictures or to update an existing image, log on using your username and password. Click on 'Photos update' and the 'My Pictures' page appears. Here you can upload a picture from your computer, mark a picture as 'private' or delete exiting pictures.

You can also use this page to upload several more gallery pictures.

NOTE: The main picture is the one that is displayed in the search results.
  • I forgot my username or my password. What should I do?
To recover your user name and password, click on the link 'Forgot?' located on the home page, enter the e-mail address you registered your SexPal account with, and you will get an e-mail with your login information.
  • How can I view someone else's profile?
Once you have your search results, you can click on the member's name or image to view his/her personal profile.

To contact a member, just write a quick message and press the 'Send message to' button.
  • How do I know that I received messages if I'm not connected to the website?
An e-mail will be sent to you whenever a new internal message is received.
  • How can I see who I sent messages to or who sent messages to me?
You can check on your inbound and outbound messages quickly and easily. Just follow these steps:

Click on the link 'Mail' in the main menu at the top of the page.

Then look for 'Outgoing Mail' or 'Incoming'.

Another option is using the links 'I wrote' and 'Wrote me' under the 'My Relationships' header.
  • How can I delete messages from my mail box?
When viewing mail messages, there is a little box on the left of each message. Check that box and click the 'Delete' button.
  • How can I block someone I do not want to hear from?
To deny a connection request, check the little box on the left side of the message, and click the 'Block' button to prevent that member from sending you more messages. You can always click the 'Enable' button to remove the block.
  • How do I add a friend to my friends list?
You can add anyone to your friends list easily by clicking on the link 'Add ... to my list' when viewing his / her profile.

If the person is already on your friends list, you can remove that person by clicking the 'Remove' link located in the same place.
  • Is my subscription automatically renewed?
You're in control of your subscription. If you did not choose the auto renewal option box when you purchased your membership, the subscription will not be renewed automatically. If your account renews manually, we will send you an email when it's time to renew.

If you did choose the auto renewal option, and you change your mind later, click on the link in the 'Upgrade' page to turn auto renewal off.
  • How do I know if my messages to other members were read?
Check the 'Outgoing' Mail. If you see the unread mail envelope image, the other party has not read your message yet.
  • Why don't I have many contact requests?
The #1 rule for getting more contacts is to add pictures! I'm sure you'd be more interested in contacting someone once you saw their picture, right? Well it's the same with other members.

Also, make sure you respond to messages quickly. People may lose interest in meeting you if you are unresponsive.

Finally, creating an interesting and challenging personal profile, with unique answers to open questions, is the best way to get more people to contact you.
  • How does the 'Private Picture' feature work?
The private picture feature allows you to expose your pictures only to those you chose. You can select any image as private.

There are two scenarios:

1. A member on the website has a private picture or pictures. When you view their profile you can click the button requesting permission to see private pictures. The other person will receive an e-mail, view your profile and, if they choose, can click on the button that allows you to view their pictures. If permission is granted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail alerting you that viewing permission has been granted. Then you can log on to the SexPal website and view the private pictures of your friend.

2. You have private pictures. Another member of the site views your profile and asks your permission to view your private pictures. You will receive an e-mail with that request.

If you choose, you can log on to the SexPal website, view the requesting friend's profile and click the button to confirm that this friend may view your private pictures.

if you confirm, the other person accepts an e-mail confirming the request, they will be able to view your private pictures.
  • Can I get tips for creating an attractive Fun dating and partnering profile?
1. Add pictures! We can't over-emphasize the importance of having one or more pictures attached to your profile!

For best results, attach at least one face picture and one full body picture. You can mark either picture as private, if you prefer, and then control who you allow to see it. That way you can put a really sexy picture up but not make it available to the entire membership.

2. Write about yourself honestly. If you 'invent' another person, you run the risk of members being attracted to that fictional person instead of the real you.

3. Think about how your friends would describe you. Take the good things they say and turn them into your profile description.

4. Use enough words to \"sell\" yourself to other members. Simply writing \"Looking to meet someone\" is not going to get the job done.
On the other hand, don't write your life's story. Leave something to talk about when you finally hook up! Plus, members typically search through a lot of profiles. They don't have the patience to read a profile that's too long and involved.

5. Be honest about the type of relationship you want (quickie, swingers, long-term, love and relationship, sex partner and fun, marriage, chat or email, flirt, one night stand, control game, couples sex exchange or other).
Don't say you want something you really don't. Saying for example, \"Looking for a long term relationship\" when you really want a one night stand is not fair to the other person who is taking you at your word.

6. Write about what you love with some details: hobbies, music, animals, and entertainment. For example don't write 'I love music.' Instead, say something like 'I love rock music from the 80's.'

7. Write draft text for your personal profile on paper so you can avoid the pressure of writing in real time at the computer. Read, edit and rewrite until you are happy. Then you can post it.

8. If you are stuck, you can get help creating your profile from the online wizard. This is not as good as your own personal writing, but at least it gives you a reasonable starting point.
To access the wizard, click on the 'do not know what to write' link and follow the wizard's lead. You can expand the results yourself later on.

Here are some profile examples:

For Men:
'Young, sexy, sensual, hunk is looking for beautiful woman with a good soul. Prince will pamper you between the sheets and bring you to ecstasy.'

'Real man, cool, intelligent and sensitive, horny as hell, wants to make out with you and fulfill mutual fantasies.'

For Women:
'I'm sexy, sweet, and ready to have with the right man the sex of my dreams!'

'Discreet, sexy, shapely, gorgeous, married woman is looking to explode without all the drama. If you're hung and generous, I'm ready for a discreet relationship.'
  • I couldn't find what I was looking for
Email : sexpal support


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